About Us

Who We Are

Ascent Homes, LLC is a group home that strives to empower the lives of the people we serve through quality services and compassionate care. Our home is open to anyone, regardless of their race, gender, color, origin, or condition. It is our devotion to help them take control of their lives as much as possible and support them in achieving their personal goals and fulfillment. Our programs are flexible and can be tailored to the needs of our residents. We make sure to give them a warm, homely setting that makes them feel secure, safe, loved, and accepted wholeheartedly.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide empowering quality care and improve the functional independence of each individual we serve through high care standards and compassionate support and assistance within a nurturing home.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is centered on giving people with old age and health conditions a welcoming home that nurtures their holistic wellness. We strive to make them feel truly at home within our home and be the leading group home in Virginia.

Why Choose Ascent Homes, LLC

  • We offer person-centered care and supports to our residents.
  • We strive to meet each of our resident’s needs, hopes, dreams, and desires.
  • We foster our residents’ independence and allow them to take control of their lives as much as possible.
  • We open opportunities wherein they can achieve personal fulfillment and reach their goals.
  • We encourage self-determination and freedom of choice among our residents.
  • Our team works proactively to give our residents the best quality care possible.
  • Our home is open to diverse individuals with medical, physical, and behavioral challenges.
  • Our services are flexible and easily modified to the changing needs and interests of our residents.

Got questions and concerns? Do not hesitate to drop us a line here or call our lines at 703-286-7294.