Admissions & Financial Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

Ascent Homes, LLC welcomes men and women who have been diagnosed with serious mental illness and whose desire is for increased independence. For admission to Ascent Homes, LLC’s program , please see our eligibility requirements below.

  1. Individuals, 18 and over with a primary diagnosis of mental illness, ie: thought disorder, mood disorder or anxiety disorder
  2. No primary diagnosis of personality disorder, eating disorder, developmental disorder or significant intellectual impairment.
  3. If substance abuse is identified as a secondary treatment issue, the applicant must be committed to sobriety and willing to participate in substance abuse services as recommended.
  4. Applicants with a recent history of suicide attempts, self-injury, and/or aggression will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Typically at least six months of abstinence from these behaviors will be required prior to acceptance for admission.
  5. No registered sex offenders or individuals who have committed a sexual offense will be considered.
  6. Individuals must demonstrate a desire for increased independence and recovery.


Financial Eligibility

Determined to be disabled by the Social Security Administration and meet the Virginia Department of Medicaid’s resource and income requirements.
Criteria #1
Have sufficient funds to pay the full fee for services at each level of the program by private or state funds.
Criteria #2

All other individuals will be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

For additional information about financial eligibility, please contact:
Sebastian Graham, Director of Administration, at 703-286-7294.